Tula Baby Carriers, Woven Wraps, and Ring Slings are more than just helpful accessories – sure, they enable us to hold our babies safely while continuing with daily life.  Sure, they provide a comfortable and natural seated position, a safe place for little ones to sleep within hearing distance of our heartbeats…  they are more than that, though.  They are the ultimate baby carriers, providing a secure method of transporting our precious cargo from the newborn days through the toddler years. They are a venture into handmade artisanship, with each item made lovingly by hand from beginning to end.  As our faithful Tula fans can attest, Tula Baby Carriers seamlessly combine art and beauty with the quality, tradition and generations of European textile experience.  

At Tula, we are proud to produce carriers that can be used from birth until 4 years or older.  Our Tula Baby Carriers, which are compatible with the Tula infant insert and with the Tula “Free to Grow” toddler extensions, provide a comfortable, user-friendly, and ergonomic wearing experience, and we are proud to also offer a toddler-sized soft structured, ergonomic Tula Toddler Carrier for those who continue to wear their children into toddlerhood.  Our Tula Woven Wraps are beautiful cloth fabrics designed and woven specifically for Tula for us in babywearing, and are perfect for a variety of sizes, carries, and situations from birth on.  And our newest addition to the Tula family, Tula Ring Slings, combine ease of use with comfort, and are the ideal carrier for ergonomically cuddling your brand new baby close, or to wear your toddler as they grow and become independent. We are proud to make products that can be trusted to be there for you with comfort, safety, and beauty when your family needs us most, whenever that is.