What Makes Aww BABY Organics Boutique Unique

Due to family circumstances Aww BABY Organics physical store front will be closing towards the end of September.  Thank you for all the support shown!

Almost all products we encounter today are covered with toxic chemicals. (which is a new practice, your grandparents had much less chemical exposure).  No wonder cancer is the number 2 killer!  Skin is the largest organ on the body and a baby’s skin is 30% thinner than adults.  The USA is reactive in the way that they only remove products after damage has been caused (think lead based paint and BPA).  Many chemicals used in the United States are already banned in other countries. 

Looking for organic and non-toxic baby gear is HARD. The only way to purchase these products is online or to struggle and read every label at the big box store (and fail to find safe products). This is why Aww BABY Organics is unique, a local baby boutique that has done all the research for you.